Season 2 of the Award-Winning Series will be a ‘2.0’ Realisation of the Immersive, Story-Driven Experience View in browser 

New Canvas Receives Screen Australia Support for Season 2 of Its Acclaimed VR Series 'Lustration,' Created by First Nations Visionary Ryan J. Griffen

More Than Just a Second Season of the Story, Season 2 of the Award-Winning Series will be a ‘2.0’ Realisation of the Immersive, Story-Driven Experience


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BYRON BAY, NSW, AUSTRALIA AND LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, NOVEMBER 23rd, 2023 –- New Canvas, the pioneering, XR media company that produces and publishes immersive, narrative content with social impact today announced that it received development funding from Screen Australia to begin story development, writing and tech R+D for Season 2 of Lustration. The upcoming season promises to be more than just a continuation of the story; it represents a revolutionary ‘2.0 evolution’ of the immersive experience. Lustration 2.0 is from writer, director and executive producer Ryan J. Griffen (Lustration, Cleverman), writer Hannah Belanszky, producer Carolina Sorensen (Lustration, I'm Wanita) and executive producers Nathan Anderson (Lustration, Awake: Episode One), Wolfgang Bylsma (Lustration) and Wadooah Wali.

Lustration 2.0 is a six-part VR drama fantasy series that is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed first season of the VR series. This second iteration follows ‘Bardolph’ and ‘Gallus,’ - two protectors of ‘The Between,’ a realm where the dead go in order to cleanse or ‘lustrate’ themselves before crossing over to pure happiness. But when an evil target slips through their grasps, everyone and everything in ‘The Afterlife’ begins to unravel.

Created and directed by the visionary First Nations creator, Griffen, Lustration has garnered a variety of awards and widespread international acclaim for its compelling narrative and breathtaking virtual reality execution. With this development funding, New Canvas and Griffen are set to take Lustration to unparalleled heights of innovation and creativity.

“It's exciting to have the chance to revisit the Lustration world and to delve deeper into the story, adding layers of complexity to the characters and the world they inhabit. In Season 1 of Lustration, we started to explore the world, but we’d really only just scratched the surface. With the support of Screen Australia and New Canvas, we are poised to craft an even more immersive and emotionally engaging experience for our audience,” said series creator Griffen. "In Season 2, we are looking to take an ambitious leap forward by expanding the virtual world, experimenting with longer runtimes for episodes and really fleshing out the characters, so that we are continuing to push the boundaries of narrative storytelling in virtual reality environments.”

Introducing the Lustration App Platform

Lustration’s app platform will revolutionise the way audiences experience content. Featuring a host of new features and enhanced animation workflows, the app aims to bring a new dimension to virtual reality storytelling. One of the most exciting elements of this platform is the implementation of social co-viewing, a concept that will transform the way audiences engage with the narrative.

"We’d like to thank Screen Australia for their continued support of this groundbreaking series. The first season took audiences to new reaches of the imagination. Now, with this additional support , we can re-imagine the experience of the world of Lustration not just as a solitary experience, but with friends, family or fellow fans around the globe," said Wadooah Wali, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of New Canvas. "While audiences have the option of watching alone, this new experience invites groups in to experience this world and narrative together. With the new app's social co-viewing capabilities, viewers will have the unique opportunity to join others and explore this mesmerising world solo or together. The true beauty and benefit of experiencing the story as a group is that, for the first time, audiences will have the chance to immerse themselves in themed social worlds to discuss and unpack the rich themes and intricate plotlines of Lustration like never before."

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Anyone owning an Oculus Quest, including Quest 2, 3 and/or Pro can binge the entire first season of the Webby Award nominated series on Oculus TV at any time, anywhere for free. Viewers can actively explore the environment while watching the illustrative art style, different camera angles with changing scenes, and perspectives that keep the viewers engaged.

Season One of New Canvas’ Lustration was produced by Carolina Sorensen (I’m Wanita) and Taryne Laffar (KGB) and executive produced by New Canvas’ Nathan Anderson (Awake: Episode One), Wolfgang Bylsma (The Deep) with Griffen and the late, great Kevin Conroy. The award-winning, first season of the immersive, narrative series was financed with support from Screen Australia, developed and produced with the assistance of Screenwest and Lotterywest and financed with support from Screen NSW and also financed and distributed in partnership with Meta.

New Canvas, renowned for its groundbreaking XR projects, continues to be a trailblazer in the virtual reality space. The collaboration with Griffen signifies its ongoing commitment to amplifying diverse voices and narratives within the XR realm. After the stylish, noir VR series’ successful global festival run last year, audiences everywhere can look forward to a new and engaging experience in Lustration 2.0 with a brand new season, coupled with the transformative app platform.

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